Strengthening of Mathematics and Science Education in Africa

COMSTEDA-16 Report 2019

Published on August 24, 2021

The Ministry of Basic Education of the Republic of Botswana hosted the 2018 conference in Maun. While the previous COMSTEDA conferences were modelled on country reports and experiences from member countries, COMSTEDA 16 took the approach of research. COMSTEDA 16 provided a forum for educators to interrogate issues, share ideas, practices, and challenges relating to teaching and learning Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in respective countries with a view to improve the quality of education. The conference brought together educators, policy makers, researchers, teachers, NGOs, public/private sector stakeholders, and learners to present papers, hold workshops on the theme “Teacher Professional Development in Africa: Competencies, Skills and Values in STEM Learning Environment” under the following sub-themes/thematic strands:

Strand 1: Teacher Professional Development in Africa: Developing Knowledge, skills, and values in STEM learning/ teaching engagements:
Strand 2: STEM Curriculum Development, Implementation and Assessment: From Theory to Innovations:
Strand 3: The School Culture and Learning in the STEM areas: Leadership for learning:
Strand 4: The role of Professional Associations in the STEM Teaching-Learning environments.
Strand 5: Towards STEM teaching and learning: The use of ICT