Strengthening of Mathematics and Science Education in Africa

All Learners are created to succeed!

Published on September 13, 2021 Author(s) : Thuo Karanja & Mary Sichangi
Dr.Purity Ngina

Dr Purity Ngina Strathmore University, Kenya, delivered a motivational expose about her journey to becoming one of the youngest PhD holders in the field of mathematics. On the topic, “STEM Education: Professional experiences”, she built on the principles of school turnaround strategies by Prof. Gullie during the 17th Conference on Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (COMSTEDA 17), reiterating that all learners are created to succeed. Their academic ability should not be linked to their economic, social and cultural status in society. Dr Purity indicated that despite coming from a poor background, she defied all odds to achieve her dreams, including poor school grades. She pointed out that STEM subjects and especially mathematics should take centre stage in the education sector, because they play a critical role in understanding and dealing with global issues such as climate change, disease, technology, security and politics. To succeed, schools need to make STEM subjects fun, and teachers to embrace the culture of accommodating learner ideas. She currently mentors students and especially girls, on the need to step up efforts in STEM subjects.