The SMASE-Africa Association exists for the purpose of Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education at the basic level of education, through research, fostering relevant policies, capacity building, seminars, exchange of information and all other lawful means to pursue its objectives. To realize these, the SMASE-Africa strategic plan (2016-2020) devised strategic objectives to guide its activities as follows:

  1. Develop and operationalize its organizational structures
  2. Promote and develop capacity of educators in Mathematics, Science & Technology [MST] education among its member countries  
  3. Conduct research and publish in MST education with a focus on classroom practices
  4. Engage in advocacy, networking and partnership within and across.
  5. Mobilize resources for the programme activities and ensure effective utilization.

Major Activities 

1.       Capacity building

2.       Advocacy

3.       Monitoring and Evaluation

4.       Knowledge networks

5.       Dissemination and Communication of Information

6.       Research

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