Leadership and Governance

The Minister responsible for education in Kenya is the Patron of SMASE-Africa. The delegates forum is the highest decision making body which is composed of Focal points of member country chapters or organizations. SMASE-Africa draws its membership from either Ministries responsible for education in member countries or other educational organizations. Each member country or organization nominates one officer to the delegates meeting usually the director of education in charge of mathematics and science. The Executive Committee [EC] is the governing body which is composed of the President, three Vice Presidents [representing the language groups of Africa], an Executive Secretary and a Treasurer.


The Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for; Policy formulation and amendment of the constitution, formulation of short, medium and long-term goals and soliciting of funds for implementing its activities. The Executive Committee decisions are ratified by the delegates’ meeting. The Secretariat functions as the operation centre for implementing either the delegates or executive committee resolutions.  The Executive Secretary is the Head of the Secretariat and oversees the day to day functions of the association.


The Patron, SMASE-Africa

Prof. George A. Magoha, CBS

Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education, Kenya








Executive Committee Members


The President, SMASE-Africa

Mr. Benson Banda,

Director, National Science Centre, Zambia


Vice President, SMASE-Africa

Prof. Sarifa M. A. Fagilde,




Executive Secretary, SMASE-Africa

Mrs. Jacinta L. Akatsa,

Director, CEMASTEA - Kenya

Treasurer, SMASE-Africa

Mrs. Mary W. Sichangi

Head of Partnerships and Linkages, CEMASTEA - Kenya



Administrative Officer

Mr. Gregory Njogu

Programme Support Officer, CEMASTEA - Kenya


Administrative Officer

Mr. Osckin Gankoue Nke

Programme Support Officer CEMASTEA – Kenya

African Union Commission - Youth Volunteer





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